Popular Artists Making Braves With New Music ( McHammer And Gentry Kozia )

Performing for the masses one baseball stadium at a time Gentry Kozia.

#OAKLANDFIGHTCLUB soundcheck..ATL post game show!! #artist #OFC #atlanta #bravesgame #hankaaron #mchammer #stagelife

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It’s soundcheck time and audio engineers have to do their best to provide the best audio quality to all the fans. In Atlanta the post game show would bring artist Gentry Kozia. It’s natural for the great American game of baseball to bring popular artists into the show for all the world to enjoy. The song Natural Woman by Gentry Kozia is available on Spotify. The sound of songs like Natural Woman have made for an invite to the Braves SunTrust Park. Gentry Kozia has been fortunate enough to find his way with super star legendary performing dancer, singer, and rapper McHammer.

‪We're asking our children to overcome our fears … We need to "#HelpTheChildren" 🙏🏿

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The baseball crowds are motivated to move together with the unity in respect for the great American game! The popular movements of McHammer are innovations that set the world free of boundaries for popular artists with dance moves. The story of a celebrity is one of a human. In life our human world subjects us to all the odds. The continuance of passion is something that’s well worthy of respect. And, when you have the sound to move the audience it’s right for the baseball fans to experience. The world is fortunate to have dancers like McHammer to instruct his followings movements moving forward.

We Stand With #Dreamers #HelpTheChildren featuring @gentrykozia #Hammertime25

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Share the new song and bring this popular sound to your audience. If your goal is to make it to SunTrust Park to perform your music or dance. Don’t give up. There are some that stand with dreamers and others that stand with a law set that would call for the expulsion of dreamers. Stay focused and make your way all the way to the stage if it’s your calling. Helping children is an honorable way to show your love for the world population. This new music and exposure is a nuance that’s sure to improve the happiness of baseball fans. Gentry Kozia Give My All is a lyrical expression of the dedication it takes to present the world with an act to wow the crowd. Popular music evolves and every evolution in the history is worthy of some exposure. For McHammer it’s another day in a beautiful life that comes with it’s own set of challenges. However you choose to live. Thanks for reading on PopSongShare.com. The process of our powers as a team of listeners can create beautiful lives for those well deserving and happy to share anthers cause.

Gentry Kozia’s song State of Anarchy can be found on Spotify. At first appearances the title evokes controversy. (False Utopia) is foreshadowing a movement toward utopianism. The idea of living in a constant Utopia is a movement that can result in a lot of sharing.



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