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Pop Song Share is a website created by an innovator of technology and supporter of net neutrality. The world today is full of marvelous things and people. While there is a competitive nature in the world of search engine optimization that exhibits those who carefully address the creation of a website are rewarded with results. The ability to drive traffic to one place or another takes serious effort and time. The website Pop Song Share was a great success and the continuation of this website takes a multiple of factors in order to be sustained. The independent accessing the power of the pen is one power that shouldn’t be filtered. Imagine if you never got to answer to a question in school because you had to worry about censorship? Pop Song Share shouldn’t be censored by a filter dictating search engine optimization on a broad base. The internet is a thing of situational nuances that offers a multiple of securities to the population on the United States of America. The write of this blog, “Myself, Christian Thomas Sutter.” knows what it means to go one hundred. When a hundred percent of your efforts in invested in on direction or another and you want to see how far you can take your independence. Where the ability for a poor person to become a rich person when capitalism offers those that innovate the determination to rise out of homeless shelter.

How successful was the effort? 

Reaching over 131,000 on Persicope the day of Election in 2016 was successful. CTSUTTER was number one in the world with the song Take The Trump Train.



The former website PopSongShare could have been lost all together. The continuance is to continue what was grand. Over the course of the DofE challenge, and there after, Pop Song Share was inspired. The inspiration to advance the ability to develop websites appeared to be a profitable innovation that could do the hardest thing possible for many start ups. Driving traffic. It’s a great day to tell the truth from a status accepting that neutrality is best in the case of the internet. Take the time to find this message from the hosting service providing an ability to traverse music to the public with this website.


Hard work pays off when you’re determined to win or accomplish a larger goal. Thank you very much for all those that supported this website with their interest. The user registration is no longer active due to interest creating additional needs to supplement costs incurred when releasing Take The Trump Train to the public.