Popular Song On Spotify And Music News

Spotify has so many subscribers! Their popularity has grown as a streaming music service to users. The topic of trending news is over 60,000,000 paying supporters existing on Spotify today. The hard questions about popular song “Take The Trump Train” which trended number one in the world on Periscope election day 2016. It’s coming up on a full year in office for Donald J. Trump and his popularity is second to none. The trending media follows Trump like a swarm of real and fake perceptions. The reality for popular songwriter music producer CTSUTTER and his song. The song is available on Spotify for users to relive the trending moment that created for an astonishing live performance.

Did you know : Take The Trump Train song was Remixed?

Did you know : The broadcast on Periscope bringing in 131,000 plus viewers was over 6 hours long?


Did you strike oil and get rich with the song?

No. I got a President. Either way it was a fun day to be patriotic. Today is Switzerland national day. I was born rich with heritage. The largest stream of profit generated by my music is on Spotify. It hasn’t been licensed and I haven’t performed for large sums of money on world tour.

Do you have new music on the way?


Does Christian Sutter live broadcast now?

Yes. YouNow how it is…

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