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How do you extend the reach of popular music?

For Christian Sutter the concept behind Sultry Pantyhose is about artistic passion.  Popular music has something to gain from content generation. The Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album is gaining additional reach in an unexpected placement into the Sultry Pantyhose promotional videos. Once music is copyrighted the distribution service traces matches existing on the internet. Placing the song Want To Smash into your video content will result in identification of the copyrighted material, transfer of monetization to the distribution service releasing materials, and the potential to dispute the transfer of monetization. However, there will be no dispute here by the music producer and songwriter behind the Powers of Ten album. In essence, releasing content like this expands the reach to the audience. Should a fan was to use the Daddy Kid song “Want To Smash” in their YouTube release the video’s monetization would transfer to Sutter. The amazing think about Christian Sutter is the elements of strategy worked into the drive for one billion Spotify spins. While, the goal is slightly over zealous. Anything is possible. If a few thousand fans played Daddy Kid’s “Want To Smash” on loop all summer long it’s possible! Subscribe to the Sultry Pantyhose YouTube channel and find the videos including promotional photo shoot content with model Uzurael.

Daddy Kid likes Sultry Pantyhose?

There’s not a lot to dislike about the Sultry Pantyhose idea. Celebrity music industry professionals and the fashion industry go hand in hand. The mission to create artwork on a wearable canvas is picking up steam on Steemit! Follow the @SultryPantyhose account on Steemit! Take a look at these videos and you’ll see how they extend the reach of Daddy Kid’s most popular songs!


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Have you ever suspected you can make a difference in the world? Well, you can make a difference! The content created here has a part initiative to clean up search engine optimization results when keying in the words “Sultry Pantyhose.” Of course, there is a lot of powerful media reflecting in the search engine today. But, that doesn’t mean that search results can’t change. The cleaning up of search engine results isn’t an easy task. If you’ve ever competed for popularity when searching for keywords you understand the challenge. Cheer on the drive and share the links to these videos on your social media!

people love @sutter’s photography!

Does Uzurael remind you of Danielle Bregoli catch me outside girl?

Why do you think the picture above has more likes than any Sultry Pantyhose post on Instagram?

If you’ve never pondered this kind of thing it’s ok. But, if you have. Than, you may be interested in the marketing tactics used in this article. Sharing content can happen in many different ways. As a photographer, the artist known as CTSUTTER, has always taken a great picture. The future acoustic album may include some of these photos in similar style photo compilation videos. The reason why the photo above may have been able to collect the most love in return is likely placements. When you share a link it’s a placement. Placements are important when considering music industry audio files reach.

Daddy Kid was on Phoenix Phridays Radio and mentioned Jake Paul, Pewdiepie, and a vLogger with a 25,000,000 dollar mansion.

What kind of trash talk happened? People may come to wonder about what was said when getting mentioned by another music industry artist. If you want to know what Daddy Kid said about the vLogger’s on online radio listen to this link created by the team at Arizona Mix Tapes. Anything can happen when you name drop on live radio. There are times things are said, and you can’t go back. Do you think Sutter regrets anything said in the live radio broadcast? Listen to it and you’ll hear the name drop of the largest YouTubers in the game. Perhaps, a little buzz will result in talkback. But, never expect that any major YouTube is going to light up your song by placing it in their video. However, anything might happen depending on what’s said. The music industry beef’s are what makes for interesting talk in the first place. If you enjoy Daddy Kid music the live radio interview is worth sharing! Daddy Kid also mentions Floyd Mayweather during the radio spot. The story of popular music is alway interesting and you can find out more of the story by following the links found on PopSongShare.com!

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